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OLGA "Vladi" POGORELOVA is tango dancer, teacher, DJ and founder of TangoPuente.

She started her journey in Argentine tango in 2010. After 2 years, she started travelling to Buenos Aires to improve her dancing skills. Olga has learnt Spanish and moved to Argentina for 5 years in order to professionalise her dance with the best maestros. Among many other teachers she had the honour to learn with her primary maestros: Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Los Canelos-maestros who raised several generations of professional dancers and world champions.

Through 2019-2021 Olga completed studies in Historia del Tango and Musicalización de Tango (Tango DJ) at CETBA (Centro del Tango de Buenos Aires). She strongly believes that in order to get better in dance, understanding its history and music is really important.
In 2019 she started exploring the leader part. She found it useful to understand better follower’s role and it gave her the opportunity to teach both tango roles and explain better communication in the couple. 

Since she started dancing tango as an adult she had to work a lot on body awareness, technique and body transformation. It was not an easy path, but this gave her deep knowledge of tango technique and understanding of different students’ needs, struggles and differences in tango and other dance styles technique.

Olga did performances in Buenos Aires and worked as a Tango DJ at various events in Argentina and Oslo.

During trips to Oslo she gave seminars organised by herself and some classes before milongas. In 2022 she became co-organiser of milonga Tiki-Tiki at Halvorsens Conditori and instructor at TangoPuente and EWA Trela Dance in Oslo.