Created with love for traditional Argentine tango


About tangopuente

TangoPuente is a passionate project created with love for Traditional Argentine Tango.

Inspired by its fascinating history that takes us back to the late 19th century in the Rio de la Plata region, the project aims to preserve and share this cultural treasure with people around the world.

Argentine tango emerged from a vibrant mix of African, European, and native rhythms and dances, becoming a symbol of cultural convergence and artistic expression. In the traditional form of Argentine tango, dancers engage in a captivating dialogue within a close embrace, moving together through intricate footwork and improvisation.

The dance is known for its close embrace, walk and fancy footwork, but it’s more than just dance—it’s a beautiful blend of body, soul, and music.

At TangoPuente, we recognize that Argentine tango has evolved into a global cultural phenomenon, constantly reinvented by new dancers. We embrace this evolution at TangoPuente and offer a space where dancers of all levels and backgrounds, from beginners to experienced, can explore and appreciate the beauty and versatility of this extraordinary dance form.

Join TangoPuente and become part of a vibrant tango community that shares a deep appreciation for Argentine tango.

Experience the magic of this captivating dance, let us be your bridge to the world of Traditional Argentine Tango.




Why learning tango?

Argentine tango allows you to express your deepest emotions through connection with yourself and other.

You will experience the magic of non-verbal communication as you forge a bond with your partner through the close embrace.
Tango celebrates grace, elegance, and fluidity, offering you the opportunity to express yourself through seamless transitions, walk, intricate footwork, and stunning body movements.
Traditional tango is total improvisation– once you learn it you will create yours and only yours personal way to dance.
Tango brings together passionate dancers from around the world, providing access to a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters connections and friendships.

Almost at any part of the world you can find tango community, where you can dance with new people and meet make new friends.

Tango music, with its passion, melancholy, and rhythm is one of the most beautiful and complex musics in the world– one you fall in love with it you will never get bored.

Tango is a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and personal growth, pushing you to step outside your comfort zone, gain confidence, and unlock new facets of your personality, once you are in, you will never be the same.


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What Clients Say

yifan sun Student

I love Olga’s tango lessons so much. Her tango classes are one of the best I’ve attended. She gives great amount of attention to each student, correct each one of us with patience and precision. I got to learn to use my whole body to dance rather than my feet only. I recommend her lessons very much!

Julia Popcowa Student

I love tango lessons in this place! Good teaching, very nice atmosphere, lovely people!

Julia Popcowa Student

I love tango lessons in this place! Good teaching, very nice atmosphere, lovely people!

Michal Sedzik Student

Anbefaler på det sterkeste. Jeg har lært meg å danse Tango hos Olga. Hun klarte å få en som meg, som hadde aldri før danset til å faktisk gjøre det. Ekte argentinsk tango i Oslo. Veldig profesjonell og med god strømning.

Malgorzata Kornyluk Student

Fantastisk og morsomt kurs. Olga er profesjonell og dyktig lærer med mye kunnskap og erfaring. Anbefaler på det sterkeste for både par og single. Hilsen , Gosia