What to wear to a tango class, tips for beginners and not only 🙂

Getting ready for a tango class and wondering what to wear? What shoes to chose? What would be more appropriate and comfortable? As you start your tango journey, what you wear can play a crucial role in your comfort, confidence, and overall experience. Below you will find some tips how to chose shoes and clothes for your first tango classes.

What shoes to chose?

Let’s start from the point that at tango origins there were no special tango shoes- dancers would use normal shoes, that would be comfortable to dance. So, if you have not decided to invest in special tango shoes yet or simply have no idea which one would fit you- try to find one pair that suits below recommendations.

women shoes for Tango

For women, tango shoes are a vital part of the dance. Here’s what to consider:


  • Heel: While high heels may be your first choice for elegance, it’s important to prioritize comfort. Opt for heels of a manageable height, around 4-7 cm, to maintain balance and dance comfortably. Try to avoid stiletto heels for your first classes, they look pretty, but you may get tired very quickly and concentrate more on stability rather than on the class itself, also if classroom is full- stiletto heel might be very painful in “bumping into other couple” situation.


  • Suede or Leather Soles: Suede or leather soles are ideal for women’s tango shoes, as they provide the necessary smoothness for pivots and turns. They also allow you to connect with the floor, enhancing your connection with your partner.


    Flexibility: Avoid too hard soles. It will be much more comfortable if the sole of the shoes will be medium flexible, this will help to articulate the feet during the dance.


  • Supportive Straps: Look for shoes with secure straps or laces that keep your feet snugly in place.

men shoes for tango

When it comes to tango footwear for men, comfort and functionality are key. Here are some points to pay attention:


  • Low Heel: Unlike women’s tango shoes, high heels are not recommended for men. Opt for shoes with a low, stable heel that provides support without compromising balance. There are 2 typical heal sizes for men’s tango shoes: 2,5cm and 3,5cm. For the beginner, anything up to 2,5cm will do the job.


  • Shoe Soles: Tango requires turns on your feet (pivots), so choose shoes that allow you to pivot and move smoothly. Avoid rubber-soled shoes, as they can grip the floor too much, making turns difficult and your knees overloaded.


  • Avoid Very Hard Material: Men’s tango shoes should not be made from very hard materials, this will limit your comfort during class, reduce feeling of the floor and make any accidental clash with your partner fingers painful.


  • Just Fit: Ensure that your shoes have normal fit. It is better if the shoes do not have excessive extra length at the tip- this will increase possibility to crash with your partner feet. 

Where to buy tango shoes?

If you decided to buy tango shoes for your first tango class, finding the perfect tango shoes may require a bit of shopping around. Here are some tips:

Try Tango Shoe Stores before buying: From experience- however beautiful shoes are, if they are not comfortable for you- they gonna rest on the shelf after 2-3 time use. So, make sure you try shoes before you buy. If there are no shops in your area where you can try shoes, find someone from tango community who has your size and ask to try one pair, later you can buy the same brand and size online. Another solution would be to buy shoes when you travel- simply check tango shops at your trip destination.

Specialized Tango Shoe Stores: Look for stores that specialize in tango footwear. These shops often have a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Specialized Stores for Dancers:

Very often you can buy tango shoes in dance shops for dancers.

Online Retailers: Many online stores offer a range of tango shoes. Be sure to check sizing charts and read reviews to find the right pair for you.

Secondhand Market: Consider checking out secondhand options, as tango shoes can be expensive. Just ensure they are in good condition and have adequate support and sole flexibility. 

Second market tango shoes in Oslo, for example, can be found on FB pages: 


Tango klær og sko i NORGE

and here

Tangosko og tangoklær av ymse slag

High quality tango shoes brands

If you eventually decided to buy shoes where are some high quality tango shoes brands to consider:


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Tanguera tango shoes


How to dress?

Your attire for tango classes should not only be comfortable but also conducive to the dance. It is not necessary to buy special tango clothes. Below some tips how to chose what to ware.


  • Avoid Tight Skirts: Tight skirts can restrict your movement, making it challenging to execute tango steps gracefully. Opt for skirts with some flow or from stretch fabric and freedom of movement.


  • Avoid Long Skirts: Excessively long skirts can hide your leg movements from the teacher and your partner. Chose skirts that reach around knee length or slightly below.

  • Comfort is Key: Choose breathable fabrics that allow you to move freely. Remember that you’ll be dancing for an extended period, so comfort should be a priority.


  • Gentlemen’s Attire: Men should wear comfortable trousers. Avoid tight pants or skinny jeans, this will make moves uncomfortable. If you really want to put tango essence, the best would be to use pair of comfortable pants and bottom down shirt. And please no shorts on tango class- this might sound like comfortable solution, but not for tango :).


  • Ladies’ Attire: A dress or a top paired with a skirt is a classic choice. You can also wear comfortable pants if that suits your style. Try to use clothes that shoes you legs, so that teacher can help you better with movements. 

Get ready for tango mood

Tango class is not only about learning how to dance, but also time you spend with another, time that you use to introduce yourself to tango essence. It is yours and other life experience. Embrace the elegance and sensuality of tango as you embark on this adventure! If we put a bit of effort to make our experience more artistic, the class will give you not only knowledge but good energy and beautiful memories.

See you at the class!